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I was suffering with bad memories and really bad anxiety for most of my life. A friend of mine had recommended Chris to me after he had helped her with her anxiety issues. I saw such a massive change in her and i wanted the same. I saw chris about a month ago. At first I was really nervous but he made me feel totally at ease. I only had 1 session and i feel like a brand new person ! My anxiety has disappeared and the bad memories are a thing of the past. I feel so much happier. Thank you !! Highly recommended !!


Husband has suffered with anxiety for a number of years, after seeking support from Chris his symptoms have reduced. I would highly recommend! Thankyou Chris for your support through a very difficult time.


I saw Chris about a month ago,(June 2019) and I was really nervous about it. He put me at ease more or less straight away. Since having it done, I’ve noticed a big improvement with my anxiety, just with general things it’s made a big difference





Would definitely recommend Chris Tyler. 
It’s a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me. 
I seen Chris for hypnosis for my
- anxiety 
- confidence 
- weight loss and 
- bad memories.

My Anxiety hasn’t come back since I seen him; it’s really helped me to go out more and get a good night sleep since I wasn’t sleeping enough due to bad anxiety. 
Also my confidence is amazing, I’m more outgoing and not shy anymore;I can socialise with other people without being scared. 
Since I’ve had it done for weight loss I’ve lost half a stone already as I’ve my cravings have gone and don’t eat no more junk food. 
I don’t suffer from bad memories or negative thoughts anymore.

I Can’t thank Chris enough for what he’s done for me, I’m a totally different person and haven’t felt this good about myself in years.


I have suffered with anxiety for at least 23 years due to traumatic events in my childhood. Due to trauma and anxiety I gained a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms leading to poor life choices. Years of and failed medication attempts, on and off counselling led to opening of old wounds and having to relive the past, with no resolution. For at least the last five years I have barely had a day where I haven’t woken with anxiety so bad that I felt I was having heart trouble or going to vomit. I have always been sceptical of hypnotherapy, however being at my wits end I decided I had nothing to lose. Chris was very professional, he talked through his process with me and put me at ease, the session was surprisingly simple and relaxing. Afterwards I felt a lot calmer and as the week has gone on (even though I have encountered some very stressful situations), this feeling has intensified. I find myself getting on with my day rather than debilitating myself and becoming exhausted with overthinking. I haven’t had one day where I have woken with chest pains so bad I feel nauseous, I can’t believe the difference in myself. If you feel you have exhausted all other avenues or want to avoid counselling, I would highly recommend this service.


Before seeing Chris I was depressed had no confidence low self esteem but after a session with him I feel like a new person I'm confident now I don't have depression and I'm generally happier than I've ever been totally recommend him he's a huge help he makes you feel calm and so relaxed he's changed my life


I have recently visited Chris as I couldnt go on anymore living my life with anxiety, sleepless nights,not eating properly constantly over thinking everything, grieving over the loss of my brother. This was a very big step for me to take and I wouldn't change it. I wish I visited Chris sooner very friendly and calming environment.I have never felt better. i would recommend Chris to anyone who suffers with anxiety you don't have to suffer anymore.I feel like a wait has been lifted and I can finally sleep, eat properly and smile no more over thinking with just one session. Thanks again Chris.


My best friend saw Chris 3 weeks ago for depression and anger issues. He had suffered depression and anger issues since his dad passed away 12 years ago. He's only had one session and I have seen a massive improvement in him. He's so happy and relaxed,feels like a brand new person and feels like he's been born again.

"for the first time I can look at my dad's photos and smile ,I am so happy and greatful,I feel like the old me but better"


I suffered with anxiety, depression and bad memories for so long, I just totally lost myself. With just one session with Chris I feel like a new person that can smile again! I highly recommend Chis, thank you again 😁


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