Anger Issues

No one likes losing their temper.

At best, it’s embarrassing. At worst, it can lead to permanent consequences.

Still, getting really angry clearly provides some benefit. For most people, it gives them a latent sense of control. Their rage is an attempt to fight back against a situation they resent.

The irony is that, by the looks of it, nothing could be further from the truth. Someone who has lost their temper appears to be completely out-of-control. Of course, that’s because they are. Anger issues rob you of your independence. They ensure that the moment you find yourself in certain situations, you’ll become a slave to your rage.

The ability to address this “hidden” trigger is why hypnotherapy is such an effective remedy for anger issues. I don’t need my clients  to re-experience those situations that bring about their anger. Instead, I can remove those triggers altogether, so clients  are no longer under the control of such a destructive emotion.

Even better, this doesn’t require an ongoing process that takes months or even years. At my hypnotherapy practice, I regularly cure clients of their anger issues after just a single visit.

So, if you’d like to take back control of your life and consciously decide how you’ll deal with every situation, contact me today. I’d love to explain in detail how my services will liberate you from anger once and for all.  

All sessions are recorded for health and safety